• My Sport Cap Will Not Stay Open

    These valves wear over time and require replacement.  You can purchase a new cap by clicking here.

  • My Bottle is Misshapen

    Rest assured the bottle will correct itself, once it gets a little use.

  • How to Remove Odors or Bad Taste

    We recommend cleaning with liquid dish soap and hot water.  Alternatively, we recommend our effervescent cleaning tablet called Bottle Bright.  Learn more about Bottle Bright by clicking here.

  • Why does my bottle leak?

    If your bottle leaks, there could be some quick solutions to help you troubleshoot the problem. 
    1. Make sure the cap is screwed on tightly
    As simple as this sounds, we do receive calls from customers that simply didn't tighten their cap all of the way until it stops. 
    2. Identify whether there are any significant gouges around the rim of the bottle.
    Remove the cap and check for gouges or irregularities around the rim.  The bottles can sometimes get damaged from putting ice into the bottle.
    3. Make sure the valve is properly seated in the cap. (see valve removal instructions.)
    **note that we have a video capturing valve removal and install instructions.  The first 30 seconds of this are applicable:  
    • Make sure the valve is open before trying to remove it — we also suggest taking the cap off the bottle
    • Turn the valve until you’ve aligned the dots on the valve and cap — you may have to apply a little extra pressure when turning the valve to line it up correctly
    • The little “wings” on the valve will slip underneath the vertical sidewalls of the cap and then you can pull the valve straight out
    • To reinsert, line up the dots again and push valve closed, then twist clockwise to lock in place.  Make sure the "wings" on the valve are sticking out of the open slots.

    If none of these work, please file a warranty claim so that we can replace the cap or the bottle.

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